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Global Experience

Our speciality is developing business opportunities, from increased sales to developing partnerships in the U.S. and China.

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Strategy & Action

We have the ideas to get you where you want to go and follow them up with real action that develops measurable results.

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We take time to really understand the value your business brings to customers and work closely with all of our clients.

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Our primary objective is to produce meaningful, lasting results in the form of more customers, more sales, and more time.

Who we work with

Emerging Companies (Less than 100 employees)

– We have worked with a variety of growing brands to build their brand equity and drive sales.

Clean Technology

– through a partnership with the Cleantech Open, we have grown internationally and in China.

Sporting Goods

– drawing upon previous work experience in Nike, we have achieved highly desirable growth with emerging (Chair-Pak) and established (WESING Sports) international brands.

Case Studies


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les HomeWith the increase in website hits and activity in just a few short months it’s obvious I made the right choice entrusting MBD Consulting with my new product launch for Chair-Pak. They immediately saw the potential in the product and understood how to focus and simplify the market messaging as well as helping me branch out internationally. I recommend MBD Consulting to any company trying to break out large or small.

Les Ammann, President Chair-Pak