Water Pollution

Wuhan is known as ‘the city of 100 lakes’, many of which have unfortunately fallen victim to rapid expansion. 40 lake groups have been designated for ecosystem improvement, including:

Tangxun Lake – On a 1-5 scale of water quality, the  in Wuhan went from 1 to 4 in a decade of over developmentDonghu Lake – pollution killed up to 7.5 tons of fish in near a chemical plant 

Most significant pollutants are: phosphorus ; biochemical oxygen demand; chemical oxygen demand (COD); ammonia nitrogen


The Wuhan government has pledged over $40 billion over the next three years to improve the pollution problem in Wuhan. 


Drinking Water

Drinking water is another serious issue that has arisen China along with rapid growth. Safe drinking water is only available to half of the population. Wuhan, specifically, has recently had to shut down due to unhealthy levels of ammonia and nitrogen.




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