Discover your business potential in China

There is a huge opportunity to develop your cleantech/renewable energy business in Wuhan and we are currently working with projects with cleantech/sustainable development companies the following attributes:

  • Interest – In exploring opportunities for expansion into China, involved in one of the industries that are most needed in Wuhan. Learn More
  • Advanced – Offering an innovation that provides a tangible benefit that cannot currently be found in China/worldwide.
  • Financial – Provide data that shows the opportunity that local investors/partners for ROI in a short timeframe, as well as large growth potential.

If you don’t fit into this group but are still interested, please fill out this contact form and we will contact for future opportunities.

Current Project Needs

The following is a list of most sought after projects in Wuhan updated April 12, 2014

Eco Community Building

There will opportunity for green building, planning and architecture to establish projects in line with the municipal goverment goals for redevelopment.  Four areas of Wuhan will be rebuilt as eco-centers with projects starting this year, with goals of developing 20% new green buildings that acheive a 65% energy saving standard. 



Water Pollution

Any projects about water are welcome, as Wuhan is famous for its bodies of water that have become increasingly polluted, especially for lakes and rivers. The focus is (1) water pollution for lakes & rivers and (2) sludge treatment for water factories. Total Investment pledged by Wuhan government 2014-2016: over 40 billion Chinese Yuan ($ 8 billion USD).


Air Pollution

The provincial government plans to reduce coal usage partially through natural gas, there is a policy in place to strengthen the renewables sector (wind, water & solar energy). Coal currently accounts for over 67% of the city’s energy and 62% of electricity needs, government policy sets this number at less than 50% by 2016.