Green Building/Eco Cities

Green Building

The construction industry is one of the largest China, responsible for 40% of China’s primary energy consumption (Econet). China has developed its own 3 star certification process for green building, while LEED certification is starting to slowly take hold with over 1,000 projects.

While there is a need and desire to expand the green building industry, green building materials still make up just 5% of the total market. The local government in Wuhan has City Ecosystem has pledged $ 4 Billion to develop green ecosystems in Wuhan with four major areas of the city to be rebuilt.

There is an opportunity for foreign firms advanced green building techniques to develop in Wuhan. 

Wuhan Energy Flower

A project undertaken by Dutch Soeters Van Eldonk architects & Grontmij have built what has been called the most energy efficient building in the world. Learn More.


One way the government has been testing the capabilities of is through the process of building eco-cities and communities. Over 200 projects have been completed or are underway according to the China Society for Urban Studies.

France/Wuhan Eco-City

A 30 square km “Eco-City” will be built in Wuhan, cooperation between France and Wuhan to develop a low-carbon city and industrial park. Learn More.

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