Air Pollution

Clean Energy

Coal burning is the main source of energy in China, which has helped spur development but also contributed significantly to air pollution. The national government policy calls for increasing energy from non-carbon based renewables to over 11% of total energy use. (C2ES). In Wuhan, coal accounts for 67% of total energy usage and 72% of energy use, with plans to cut back under 50% by 2020. The Chinese government could spend up to $1.8 trillion for clean/renewable energy (Bloomberg) including $500 billion in electric power (smart grid) infrastructure (Clean Technia).

A survey of 48 Western cleantech companies currently in China ranked energy reduction & efficiency as the greatest driving force in China cleantech. (Kachan)

Auto Emissions

Commercial automobiles, which are cause for over half of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. (EPA), will reach an estimated 31 million units in China by 2020 (Accenture). China is currently in its fourth-stage emissions standards, which would cap the allowed sulfur content at 50 parts per million this year and 10 parts per million by 2017 (down from 350 ppm) (Auto News). 47% of Chinese say pollution is a huge problem (Pew) and Chinese youth say they would be more likely to buy a brand if it provided sustainable benefits.



The opportunity for clean technology development in China is reaching its peak. Air pollution is of particular focus, with 74 of the top 75 cities in China reaching unsafe levels smog up to 50 times what is considered safe levels according to the WHO. The new ruling central government has made green technologies a pillar industry in the current (12th) five year plan.

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