Creating Growth Opportunies for Cleantech & Sustainable Development in China

 3Green Consulting is an international market development company, connecting established U.S. based cleantech & sustainable development companies with opportunities to develop in China. We offer advanced, Chinese language marketing, presentation and meetings with local partners/investors. Through local law and patent office partners, we can significantly reduce the risk of IP infringement.

We charge low/no consulting fees upfront, reasonable commission percentages (starting at 2%) and options for the opportunity to expand your business. Our business is located in Wuhan, China one of the largest cities and a travel hub in Central China, with a supportive municipal government that has pledged over $16 billion USD to develop cleantech/sustainable energy projects between 2014-2016 (more).

Why 3 Green?
We are in the position to offer a unique opportunity, as we have a strong network in Wuhan that is very motivated to bring in green projects. We will do the work to develop meetings, proposals, and hold initial negotiations in a high growth market with strong government support (see supported industries). You maintain a very low risk through low/no upfront costs and full control over how you want to enter the market. Please fill out our Introduction Form

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Why China?

China has become the world’s largest cleantech market at $60 billion US (United States=$50 billion US) Chinese government much more supportive green policies than U.S. President Xi has enacted a new policy of IP protection to encourage technology advances

Our Team

The management of 3 Green Consulting consists of co-owners Wade Jansen and Yujie Li. Wade has over 12 years experience in marketing & business development, including and a masters’ degree in International Marketing & Business Development. Advisors include Charles Zhou, President of Cascade Clean Energy. We will also work with a number of local experts who will help introduce the project to government officials.

We can offer you

Connection to a large network of government officials, investors & private enterprise in one of the largest and fastest growing cities in China.

Business development – Chinese language company presentation, assistance developing proposals, contracts, and presentations strategically targeted to key audience.

IP Protection – Our partnerships revolve around limiting Chinese partner’s access to technology, and we offer an in house lawyer, and work with China Law expert Harris & Moure to review potential deals.

Privacy – We keep your market development plans, company name & key information confidential (without prior consent)

Understanding of best business practices in both the U.S. and China

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